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Providing company and individual certifications for Food Tour professionals throughout the United States.

about ASA

ASA is a professional association developed for both companies and individuals involved in the Food Tour industry that offers certification and continuing education.

The organization is devoted to the continued development of professionals in the areas of sales, tour guiding, marketing, and advertising through certifications, education, resources, and networking. ASA is additionally focused on the ASA51; a Food Tour certification of excellence.

The American Sales Association is a 25 year old institution focused on now reinvigorated as the primary force for sales certification, training, and continuing education.

Now undergoing the largest transformation in the history of the association, ASA is becoming an influential voice within the culinary tourism world.

Building standards in the Food Tour industry

The Food Tour industry is less than three decades old, but is fast becoming the most sought after industry in tourism for individuals, groups, motorcoach, and corporate. Companies continue to grow organically, or with support and consulting provided by private companies.

25 years of integrity

Integrity and honesty in the sales profession is of the utmost importance and is promoted throughout the business community by the ASA Code of Ethics.

The heads of several major food tour companies throughout the world connected with the American Sales Association to help create a governing body of Food Tour standards a reality.

Food Tour Certifying Authority

The American Sales Association has been reformed as the certifying authority for Food Tour companies, featuring a board of directors committed to ensure the appropriate certification of food tour and culinary tour companies throughout North America and eventually worldwide.

In a high growth culinary tourism industry, there is a need to define and certify standards. In the next decade, food tours will grow from an exciting and still growing niche within tourism to a very important, if not the most important segment of the industry.

ASA is committed to offer the standards helping to define the level of food tour companies, providing the definitions and standards for the following:

Tasting Tour

An event where guests primarily taste samples sized versions of great dishes or specialties typically outside a restaurant or establishment. There may be a sit down spot during the tour. Tasting tours may often be found in more urban areas such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, but can also be found in small towns such as Fredericksburg or Lexington.

Tasting tours visit up to seven stops for samples in an urban area. There may be more if the tastes are samples.

Food Tour

The majority culinary Tours in North America are considered Food Tours. Food Tours visit 4-5 restaurants throughout an event, with guides who teach guests about history, culture, architecture and local food.

Food Tours typically offer guests with tapas style plates at each stop. Restaurants may feature family style dishes rather than individual plates on a Food Tour.

Dine Around

A Dine Around is a more formal, custom versions of a Food Tour or a Tasting Tour. Guests visit fewer restaurants, that each feature several courses featuring more developed dishes, and have the option of paired alcoholic beverages.

Dine Arounds are often private events and therefore should be customized to the needs of the client.

Dine Arounds are often the preferred choice of corporate clients due to their added flexibiity.

ASA is a tax-exempt trade association recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 501C-6.